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8 December 2014

Quicktip: Install .net 4.5.2 before developing for CRM2015

Before you start developing console application, workflow or plugin for CRM2015 the first step is to install .net 4.5.2 as this is required by CRM2015. I was working on a simple console application using CRM2015 assemblies and I encountered a weird error. I ran "Install-Package Microsoft.CrmSdk.XrmTooling.CoreAssembly" from the PM console without any issue. But when you try to build the application I got these compilation errors.

The root cause of these errors is because the project is not targetting .net 4.5.2. Download .net 4.5.2 from and update the project target framework to .net 4.5.2. This time the build process succeeds. I was quite surprised that nuget did not prevent me from using the package in the project, even though I didn't have a the prerequisite framework version.

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